Never give up!

Hi everyone, my name is Terrie im a 34 year old mom from Austin. I wanted to share my story because its been a true miracle that i am even writing this. A little history about me i got married young and had my son who is now 13 (going on 14). A couple years later i decided that i would try for #2. I got pregnant so easily with my son that i thought it would be a slam dunk.. Well, the weeks turned into months turned into years... I tried EVERYTHING you can think of eating super healthy, exercise, herbs, accupuncture.............Nothing. So i went to one of the leading infertility specialists here in Austin and i remember sitting in his office and he looked me square in the face and said ill have you pregnant in 3 months! So i dove head first into infertility treatments.. I did all the testing, i had an exploratory laparoscopy done, hsg test, you name it i did it. All tests showed i was normal and gave no reason as to why i couldnt conceive. I did infertility treatments for months which included daily shots in my stomach, mood swings, weight gain and just overall made me miserable and still nothing and most of all i still did not have an answer to why i couldnt get pregnant. At this point i was broke and my marriage fell apart. It took me years to come to terms with the fact that i would never have another child and i learned to love what God had given me when he gave me my son. I was divorced with my son and i was ok in thinking i wasnt going to walk that path again.. I got remarried in August 2008. I told my husband early on in the relationship that i couldnt bare children. Fast forward to January 12, 2009. I came to work normal day, and i mentioned to my friend that i hadnt started my period and was sure that i wroted the date down wrong from my lmp. We work in a surgery center so she told me to grab a pregnancy test from the back just to "check" and then i would know for sure. So being curious i did....EXPECTING a negative. And to my surprise, wouldnt you know it was POSITIVE...I thought it was a fluke and did was positive so i went to store and bought 4 more and did them all and they were all positive... Blood work came back positive and finally my first appointment with my OB confirmed i was indeed pregnant. I am almost 6 weeks. I of course am a nervous wreck these days and just pray everything proceeds normally. I am so overwhelmed with hope and happiness and wanted to share with others with similar stories like mine to not give up! 11 years later i get my miracle of having another child!