New Mother in Need

So I am offcially pregnant!
After 4 faulty EPTs i went and got a pack of Clear Blues and within 1 minute that ever so amazing yet scary word popped up "Pregnant"
I'm a soon to be mother who's younger, a recent beaty college gradtuate, and a soon to be bride (in July actually). We didn't plan to have a baby,truth be told we have been planning to wait but slippped up 3 times, and BAM we are going to be parents. I could use ANY advice from ANYONE on financial recomendations, cheap wedding and baby shower ideas, and most of all advice on how to raise a child in this day and age.
I would appreciate EVERY little buit I can get, especially on being pregnant too

Signing off, with much love to every mother out there
Melanie (soon to be) Jenkins