New to the site and unsure if I am pregnant

I am 30 years old. I have been pregnant before, but have never delivered. I had 3 miscarriages, 2 of which were due to car accidents (did not know until the miscarriage that i was) and one from slipping and falling on ice about 2 yrs ago. I have only been to 8 weeks.

That being said, I have been feeling pretty "icky" for about 2 weeks. My last MP/AF was the week of June 13th for about 4-5 days, which is less than usual and was lighter than usual. I had light spotting mid last week and my discharge has increased significantly. My breast feel larger and tender. I have been nauseated all day everyday for almost 2 weeks, starting when i wake and only letting up slightly when i eat crackers or something light and slightly salty. No vomiting. My abdomen feels swollen and mild cramping, but nothing like PMS cramping. I have been exhausted, moody, dizzy, etc. lol. I don't feel like I am PMS-ing...

My next expected MP/AF is around July 12. I know it is too soon to take a at home test, but I feel really odd and kind of worried that I might be pregnant. My friends that have all had babies swear up and down that I am pregnant. I am scheduled to see my OB/GYN on 7/17/10. I will take another test if my period does not start when expected.