Not Pregnant...again

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I just got my third period after going off birth control and I'm getting pretty antsy. I really want to have a baby and start a family.

I hate that early pregnancy symptoms are so similar to pms or pre-period symptoms. I hate getting my hopes up and having them come crashing down on me. I didn't realize just how badly I wanted this until this month. My period was a day later than it has been the past two months and I had been having some nauseous feelings and a little cramping. I guess when I really think about it I didn't "feel pregnant" so I shouldn't be that surprised. I'm just tired of waiting I guess.

I think my first step is going to be cutting back on work. I've been working 40 hours a week at my day job plus 20 hours a week at my waitressing job. I need to cut down a little for my sanity and my energy level. I haven't had awake enough to do the baby dance enough. I know my boyfriend will appreciate it to if I'm around more and awake more.

My next step is going to be buying an ovulation detector kit. That way I know I'm timing things right. I was making mental note of things and using an ovulation predictor online, but I want to take it to the next step and really know more exactly when the best time to do the deed is.

The last step I'm going to take now is trying to better my lifestyle. I was doing a pretty good job about a month or two ago, but I've slipped back into my too much pop drinking and fastfood eating ways. Non of that is good for me, nor will it be good for the baby once I do conceive. It wouldn't hurt to exercise a little too since I've gained a couple pounds since starting my full time job 2 months ago. I've spent the past 5 years working active jobs and going to school with little time too sit, and now that I have a desk job I'm seeing how big of a deal an active lifestyle is.

That's about it I guess. I'm going to try all of that this month and see how things go. Hopefully I'll be blogging a little differently in a month or so.


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I was on the pill for a little over 10 years.

I have been off now for almost 18 months.

We have been trying since the day I stopped taking the pill, we were about to start taking some aggressive measure with the doctor when my friend told me about a pregnancy pillow she tried called Impower Pillows Pregnancy Pillow.

I used the pillow for a little over a month and sure enough we are now 3 months pregnant with our first.

I'm not sure if it was luck or the pillow but my friend had a similar experience so I thought it was worth sharing.

Good luck to everyone else I know how emotional it can be.

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I had been on the pill for 2 years, and stopped taking it in hopes of becoming pregnant. After a year of nothing I pretty much gave up. Thinking something was wrong with me, or that the pill somehow had caused me to become infertile. Then one morning I woke up and could tell something was different. The pre period symptoms I thought I was feeling were not! I had recently lost some weight and cut back on fried food and I think that is what made the difference (I was not OVERweight, just lost 10 lbs.) It took 20 months, but I am now 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant! I couldn't be happier!

So my advice to you is to not give up! Things take time, and when you are meant to have a baby you will.

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Hello, I'm new to the site, but I can totally relate to the original blogger's comments. My husband and I were trying for over a year with no results and just when I had totally lost faith, BANG! A positive test! I was elated. Then 2 days ago, I started having some odd cramping and spotting. I was 500KM away from home, visiting my sister and we took a trip to their local hospital just to make sure everything was ok...The doctors there were fantastic...tried to do an ultrasound but couldn' they ambulanced me an hour away to a bigger hospital. Long story short...24 hours later I was given devastating news...I had an anembryonic pregnancy. My body was pregnant...but there was no baby...and so my body was getting ready to expel it.
So there I was.. 500KM away from my husband...with the most terrible news ever given me.
Somehow, I made the drive home (driving kept my mind off everything) and when I arrived home, my husband and I cried for this little life that never was.
But I know that we will try again. I have faith that things happen for a reason. So try to stay positive...and it should mean a lot, coming from someone who is so close to the bottom right now. Chin up...we'll get there too.