Obese, 38 and pregnant for the 1st time!

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I am so scared. This is my first pregnancy and I am almost 39 years old!! I am morbidly obese, and I have Fibroids!! The odds are against me here, and Im so scared.

I think I am 4 weeks or so, but some of the symptoms and body things seem to say I am more than that. I thought I had a normal period last month, but maybe I didnt...? Which scared me even more.

I have my first appt with my GP tomorrow, and I expect it to be uneventful. he is a bit of a tool and is likely to order a blood test, urine test, and then I will come back in a week for the results. he is only open 3 days a week. I dont even have a regular Gyno...

I am afraid he will ignore my high risk status and just tell me all is well (which is what he ALWAYS says, even when it really isnt!)

I have anxiety issues, for which I was on medication for, but have since stopped, and I worry about every single thing.

I dont know what is normal etc.. I understand that every pregnancy is different, but isnt there at least some facts or figures I can rely on.

Every site I visit says I am 4 weeks, and that by the end of this week I should miss my period and be able to take a test... well... I missed it LAST week, and took 8 pregnancy test before I was even late as I was sooooooo nauseaus, and I just felt like something was up.... Could this mean I am really further along than I thought? Is it possible to have what seems to be a normal period and then miss one? I understand implantation, however, it was a regular period. I have heavy ones as I have Fibroids, and last month didnt seem any different. I

I have a million questions and when I search online I just see scary facts, figures, posts and comments....

I cant stop looking though. I cant sleep.. Ive slept about 4 hours a night since the test was pos, and I know this isnt good, but I just cannot stop looking online etc..

Any help, input, thoughts advice etc.. appreciated.