OMG! Almost 40 and pregnant

OMG! I have noticed subtle changes to my body and to my surprise I found out I'm pregnant. Now, this is not my first pregnancy this is my second. My daughter just turned 9 two weeks ago. And I am going to be 39 when this great surprise arrives. My story is not typical of your normal woman who tries to get pregnant. My husband and I have tried for several years and after having had three surgeries, an ovary rupture and repaired, and eventually after two years of excruciating pain having my left ovary removed. My right fallopian tube was blocked with adhesions and I was told most likely that I was unable to become pregnant. I was under the assumption that our dream of one day having another child would not come from me. I would try in undertones suggesting adoption but my husband was not comfortable with that situation. So, I had my last surgery in October to remove my left ovary and I went through three treatments of Lupron. When I finished up with the last injection of Lupron my new physician at Duke said that if I had any chance of getting pregnant it would be in the first few weeks after the Lupron wore off which can range from 3 months to 9 months. Well she was correct because I have taken two pregnancy tests and they both confirm my suspicions. What a great surprise but at the same time I have trepidations about being an older parent, how my daughter is going to handle this, and I have been on two types of medication for the past two years to manage abdominal pain. One being Klonopin which according to the FDA is a category D drug and Tramadol a category C drug. Category D meaning it has been shown to cause birth defects and C means an adverse effect on the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans. So, now I’m scared and afraid. Obviously, I am waiting for a call from my physician at both Duke and UNC to see what they have to say but I am mortified after reading the literature on these medications. To top it off we just recently moved from NC to PA and I have no clue what physician I should go to. I will be doing much research to find a good match for me but I will also ask my physicians back in NC if they have any suggestions. So, now begins a new journey. One that both my husband and I are very excited about and scared. I guess my first starting point is to try and figure out around what time we conceived and hopefully is very early in the game, which I am sure it is. I just started to blog and I hope you find my stories interesting over the next coming months.