OMG got a positive for my ovulation test strip

I'm so excited on the 11th day of my cycle I test positive for ovulation, I was not a believer of these test strips. so me and my husband happen to make love the day before and then that same day I test O and the day after. Sooo now it's a waiting game, I just hope I was able to conceive sometimes I think that this month is not my month. So I don’t know if I did right by one, not continuing to test my urine for LH (I thought that it would oka to stop being that I already tested positive) and secondly, we only made love those three day's.
This month has been bad…. I have the worse allergies, cold and I have also felt so bloated. Anyhow can someone advise if those two things that I did were a no no? and like I mention before checking for early pregnancy symptoms will be hard cz I have been feeling dizzy but I thinks it’s bcz of the allergies that I’ve been having