Wow the last few months have just been insane! For starters we found out we were having a baby girl which made me both happy and ridiculously stressed! We we're planning on a boy and we we're just so sure we were having a boy that when we found out we we're having a girl it terrified me! I felt like a boy would be much easier for our first child...with a girl there are just so many things to worry about that, as much as it's a double standard, you don't have to worry about when your having a boy! But we sat down and talked about it and realized a girl would not reallt be that different. Everyone was very happy! At the ultrasound the technician had mentioned I had an anterior placenta which I didn't think anything of it since it didn't sound abnormal. A few weeks later I felt the baby move for the first time. It couldn't be felt thru my belly, but I could feel her moving around inside of me and man was it ever strange! a few weeks later I was reading one of my baby books and came across that term again and learned that it meant that my placenta was infront of the baby which meant that David would not be able to feel her for weeks after I did! This made me a little sad but I figured you never know...Then last week came and it was the most horrible day of my life...we were driving down the street after running some errands and picking up some Mcdonalds and we were 2 buildings away from our apartment when some idiot decides it would be a good idea to blast out of a parking lot into traffic t-boning our car. I was in shock and horrified but on top of all of that I began having severe cramping! I freaked I had no idea what was happening but could only fear the worst! the ambulance showed up and they took me to the hospital and I had to wait almost 7 HOURS!!!! before FINALLY the doctor came in and told me that both me and the baby were fine...I could not believe the relief I felt it was literally like a HUGE weight had been lifted! I went home and broke down while my boyfriend held me! Later that night we were lying on the couch talking when I felt our baby! and when I say felt I mean I felt her THRU my belly! Shocked and amazed I grabbed David's hand and placed it on my belly and after 3 LONG minutes she did it again...He lloked at me and with hope in his eyes asked if that was her? I said yes and he just smiled from ear to ear and lied there for what seemed like an eternity waiting for her to do it again! It was such a wonderful night after everything we had been thru that day! since then she has not stopped kicking and she has actually gotten so strong that I now see my belly move when she kicks! I can't wait to see her beautiful little face in just a few more months! I love my daughter so much!