Other strange happenings

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Breast activity is dying down although seems to happen most in the middle of the day. But it's a bit less intense. But Kyle and I were arguing last night and I starting cramping a bit. Kind of like a menstrual cramp but milder and just different. I knew I need to calm down because if I have a reaction like that there is a good possibility that I could have a passenger and stress isn't good. Also I was driving to work this morning and got very strangely light headed. Now, I do realize this could have been for not eating yet, but I never get light headed. It was really strange.

I figure if I keep a really good record of any possible symptoms and stay really in tune with my body then when I have a confirmed pregnancy I can use this in the future to compare to my others and see if there are any patterns. Plus it makes it more special when I am cause I can look back and say I knew right away or at least had a feeling.