Our first fight about our future...?

I got home from night class last night around 1030 and called my Boyfriend. I told him how I was reading about all these women who miscarried, how scary it sounded and how horrible it would be if it happened. I talked about the bleeding the pain i might have.. All he said was "uh huh that sucks"

Wow. I just blew up, saying thats all you have to say? We started yelling back and forth about everything. Because I said no matter what I'm staying in school, I dont want to be a stay at home forever. I'm finishing my AA this semester and my Mom said she would help to make sure I could go to school still. He said I was selfish, and only caring about how things effect me. I blew up, because it sounded like Im just supposed to stay at home and watch the kid even ASFTER hes home from work. Why cant he help? I know he will be tired, but like I wont be? It just made me so angry. Im not young, I am but i'm turning 27 while pregnant. I only have an AA, I dont want to hold on school for when he/she goes to school too. I want to be looking for a part time job then so we can have more income. He so worried about being poor, but hes stressing about it as if its only his responsbility. I just wish he would just take things step by step...I realize we cant plan everything. He thinks Im being naive for thinking that way. ugh

He apologized this morning, said he will try to be more emotionally supported and how hes just scared. It made me feel so much better. I know there is alot of work ahead of us. This is a huge step in our lives that we arent 100% ready for but who really is? Like I always say.