Our heart beats...

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Date: 28-11-2011

I know I have been a good 1 week late in blogging the most phenomenal event in our lives. On 21-11-2011, me and DH went in for an ultrasound, exactly 2 weeks after the last one (Last time I was 5.1 weeks along). So I lie on the table asking DH to be around. The doctor moves the machine on my belly nodding affirmatively. He says 'everything looks normal'! That hardly satisfies me. With a little hesitation I ask if he can see the yolk sac and fetal pole unlike last time. He says 'Yes'! I am happy! Then I ask if he can see a heartbeat, coz that will ultimately decide the fate of my pregnancy...I have to have a heartbeat by now! And he says yes again! DH smiles at me reassuringly. Just then, the unbelievable happens. The doctor makes us hear the heartbeats. We are astonished. We keep staring at each other with disbelief. The little heart inside my tummy is beating and how! DH is beaming from ear to ear almost emotional. And me? I dunno what to say! Phew!

Ok now here's the catch. The sonologist said that according to this ultrasound I was 6 weeks and 4 days along (counting the days I should be exactly 7.1 weeks). He said that a few days gap is quite normal and no machine can capture exact date. In fact an ultrasound 10 minutes later could give different results too. He asked me to get next ultrasound exactly 5 weeks later - that will be 26-12-11 (My Grandmom's birthday). But my gyneacologist Dr.SD sounded slightly pensive about the lag. At the same time she said there was nothing much to do except wait. She asked me to relax and eat whatever I could given my nausea and fatigue. Also prescribed some useless blood tests to check for stuff like thyroid. I doubt I'll get those done. She has asked me to return after 4 weeks - that's 18-12-2011.

Statistics :CRL is 7.3 cms (Crown to Rump length) and EDD (Expected Due Date) is 12-7-2012.

Told DH's parents on same day. MIL was happy and hugged me. My dad was ecstatic when I told him about heartbeats over the phone. Went to both parents with sweets box along with the good news.

Surprisingly my symptoms which had shot up after first ultrasound have faded after the second one. Makes me nervous to think if this is a bad sign. But I am not thinking too much. Just taking each day as it comes. On another happy note, my cousin from US is also preggers! She's a month ahead and due by early June. She called and we exchanged notes. Lol. Other congratulatory phone calls were from my dad's sis, my elder most cousin sis, and DH's sis in law.

Had BD yesterday. Quite normal and painfree. I wanna stop and take a break from pregnancy related chatter for sometime and live a normal life.