over 8 weeks

So I am 8 weeks and 6 days today based on my calendar. It has been a crazy last few weeks! I am not feeling too bad considering the horror stories I have heard. I have not thrown up, though I have been pretty nauseous here and there, I get some pretty bad headaches which are a little trying, emotions have not gotten too crazy and my breasts are starting to not hurt as much. The main symptom that is driving me crazy is the fatigue, no matter what I do I am constantly EXHAUSTED! It is pretty difficult to deal with because i'm so tired it's hard to find time to spend with David which is a little stressful because our relationship has always been really close. God bless him though he has been such a loving supportive sweetheart so far. He is always comforting me and calming me down when I do get a little emotional, not to mention all the affection, he is so amazing and I love him so much. We have our first appointment with our OB in just over a week. I'm so excited and nervous. I really hope I get an ultrasound because that will be the true confirmation, there is no maybe when I heard my child's heartbeat, there is no "hmm maybe the test was wrong" it's really real. I know it sounds stupid that even after all this time I'm still having a hard time believing it but I am. I'm just waiting for someone to tell me that it was all just a mistake or even worse I was but I lost it! I hope everything goes ok and that we do hear our child and the he/she is healthy and happy!