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So, for the past week my mom and I have been doing my baby registries. At first I thought it would be all fun to get the little gun and walk around scanning things that I want and need. Little did I know that it was so stressful because I have no job and am having this baby off of my boyfriend's income. We have gone to target twice to do the registry and still have forgot a total of 25 different items. Today we went to Babies R Us and did more of the registry I already had started online and still forgot more than we did at Target. We finally have the lists of everything else we need (hopefully), but I get so tired from walking around a lot that it's going to take two days to do it in. Plus, my mom wants the boyfriend and I to sit down and get a list of all the names and addresses for the baby shower before I go on vacation to Alabama (April 1st). Which means we have to sit down and do that this Sunday, while still trying to get rid of the cold we have had for two weeks. I know that it's not good for me to stress and everything, but I just feel like I want to fast forward the next 3ish months and just get through the baby shower and all that. Sorry if this is just a big complaint..Any suggestions on how to make all this go a bit smoother? THANKS!!