Painting & Pregnancy

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Okay, so I have been doing quite a bit of online research about this topic, so I thought I would share. I'm an artist (on the side) and I wanted to find out what paints are safe to use while pregnant. So here you go, as short of a summary as possible, if you want to know more, you can google it, hehe, but I don't mind answering what I can:

Oil paints are a big "NO, NO" b/c they use turpentine as a suspension agent and it is toxic to breathe. However I found one brand that does not use turpentine, but uses linseed oil instead, which is safe to breathe. It is New Holland oil paints, however they are expensive, of course.

That being said, I will use only acrylic paints while pregnant and TTC. But even though breathing is safe while using acrylics, there are still color pigments that can be toxic if absorbed by the skin or ingested. The following is a list of what I found regarding the color pigment safety:

Burnt Sienna, Caput Mortuum, English Red, Flesh Ochre, Gold Ochre, Green Earth/Terre Vert, Indian Red, Iron Oxides (except for Mars Brown), Ivory Black, Mars Black, Orange, Red, Violet, and Yellow Ochres (naturally-colored clays, mostly yellowish) Raw Sienna, Red Ochre, Terre Vert/Green Earth Titanium White, Transparent Red Oxide (also yellow and orange), Ultramarine Blue, Green, Red, and Violet, Venetian Red, Yellow Ochre.

Alizarin Crimson, Arylide Yellow, Benzimidazolone Maroon, Benzimidazolone Orange, Dioxazine Purple, Green Gold, Indanthrone Blue, Nickel Azo Yellow, Perinone Orange, Prussian Blue, Quinacridone Gold, Red, and Violet, Thioindigoid Red, Titanium Yellow, Zinc White

Pigments marked with an * are teratogenic or fetotoxic in humans and/or lab animals.
Aureolin/Cobalt Yellow
Burnt Umber
*Cadmium Reds, Yellows, and Orange
*Cadmium-Barium Reds, Yellows, and Orange
*Cadmium-Vermilion Red
Cerulean Blue
*Chrome Yellow
Chromium Oxide Green
Cobalt Blue, Green, Violet, and Yellow
*Diarylide Yellow
*Flake White
Hansa Yellows
Lamp Black
Lithol Red
Mars Brown
Manganese Blue
Manganese Violet
*Naples Yellow
*Phthalocyanine Blue
*Phthalocyanine Green
Raw Umber
Toluidine Red

Hope this is helpful to all the fellow artists that are TTC or pregnant! Happy painting & pregnancy!