Paranoid and impatient

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I test tomorrow and I'm so excited. I almost tested this morning but I want to do it when my husband is around and awake. If/when we do get that positive, I'd like to be able to spend at the very least, a few special hours with him. My initial symptoms have subsided greatly, I'm less bloated that I've been for the past couple weeks, the headaches are gone, and the nausea only seems to happen when I first get up or when I'm in a moving vehicle. It's not as strong as it was last week. This makes me paranoid! I start worrying I'm not really pregnant or that I'm going to miscarry. I feel like my body has decided not to be pregnant after all. I don't really seriously believe this, but it's enough to make me a little anxious.

I've been looking at pregnancy websites and I don't feel like I have a right to get involved until I've got a positive test. I didn't expect to feel so positive about my pregnancy so I feel like I'm waiting in secret. Still, tomorrow is almost here! Hopefully I'll have enough pregnancy hormone to pick up and I won't have to wait another week. That's always a possibility. But I sure hope I'm not more than 1 month pregnant. Guess I won't know that until I see a doctor.