part 2!!

O.k so A and I met to talk on thursday, he said he needs time to clear his head this is so overwhelming right now. I told him take the time, but he was either all in or out. H e said he would be in touch. So two days pass, nothing,I resolve once again, that i am strong enough to do this on my own, I cry, then paint the living room, and wake up feeling stonger. Then today his mother shows up on my doorstep, to tell me i need to stop thinking about my self!!!!! That love is patient and kind and I have no idea how hard this is on HIm, and her and his father and brother!!! Seriously! i am just trying to catch my breath here from being walked out on and BAM, I get hit with this! In the mean time I have 6 training clients on vacation this week, blessing because I can spend some QT with my kids. So to sum it up he then shows up on my doorstep, to say , he is sorry he still is confused , and just needs mw time, He says my last 15 years has been consumed by being a mom, but this is new and he feels like he just needs to take a breather...... ahhh yeah you keep saying that... What is it with these people is it just me or are they crazy... regaurdless I am finally starting to get angry and fed up....I just need to be strong enough to say no!