PCOS frustrations

Hi, my name is Samantha and I have never blogged before. But I am sitting here on a Sunday evening getting frustrated with my body. I guess a background story is necessary.
My husband and I started TTC October of 2008. After several rounds of Provera to get a period, my doctors diagnosed me with PCOS in June 2009. Since then I have done 3 rounds of 50mg of clomid (with provera to get a period after each failed attempt) finally had my first natural period in August, then got bumped to 100mg of clomid (with provera again). I got a BFN this past week though my body has been throwing signs of pregnancy at me left and right! First I started loosing weight (about 5 lbs) then my breast grew a size, then minor stomach aches, fatigue and frequent urination. And the latest, over the past 3 days my nipples have been getting more tender and are down right sore right now. Ive never been one to have PMS or any of these symptoms associated with my period. So needless to say I'm frustrated. I have several friends TTC, one of which is due in February another still in new to TTC. My doctor is getting ready to send me to a specialist. I've gotten tons of advice from so many people, but i feel like I'm playing the Hurry up and Wait game.
Im just frustrated, I have no one to talk to about this. MY husband is very supportive, but he doesn't fully understand. My family is getting anxious for a baby (I would be the first to have a grand baby) and keep telling me to just 'relax and it will happen!' ANYONE ELSE SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING THAT!!!!
So who know if anyone will reply to this blog, but at least I am able get this out of my head.
If you read this, thanks for listening.