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So really? You here the word period and secretly cringe, or maybe not secretly! But for me it has a whole different meaning!! It means, I have one down, one more to go! Before I can start trying that is! I was never so disappointed when my Dr told me I had to wait 2 whole periods! I thought oh man 2 whole months? Then I most likely wouldn't get pregnant for another 6 or so, needless to say I was upset, but would rather have a healthy baby, than a fast one. So I agreed, and went on. Well you can imagine my surprise when I woke up Friday morning to the awful gift!! So here I sit with one down one more to go and I am getting more and more excited! I think I finally found a few names!! Piper Jane or Evelyn Jane for a girl, and Corbin Wayne or Elijah Wayne for a boy. All are still up in the air, and I figure I have time Smile So I'm going to sit on those for a while, and see what happens! Until next time!!