Period Gone! whew

I love this quote from someone here named Teresa "When getting pregnant and having babies doesn't "come naturally" to you, you join the world of "trying to conceive". This world is little known to most women, but to some women it is their entire existence. It is what their world revolves around."
I had to save that here on my blog.
Well today is a wonderful day. My period lasted 14 days, I thought I was bleeding forever and was so weak that I started taking an iron supplement.
We have been "doing it" ever day so that our chances will be higher, my husband loves that!
I have my ups and downs about this whole situation but I just hope that God will bless me this time. I have made an appointment with a new OB/GYN and hope to be upfront as to what my goals are. If not I will find another.
Back to work....