Picking The Right Mastectomy Swimwear

Breast surgery often requires some wardrobe alterations. A lot of women are not comfortable wearing the same things they once wore, including swimsuits. Summertime is often difficult because women with missing tissue feel awkward. Mastectomy swimwear is specifically designed for women who are post-mastectomy patients.

The first task is to find a store that sells clothing for mastectomy patients. Talk to your doctor to see if he or she can recommend some places. If you belong to a support group or have friends who have been through the same procedure, they can also provide some suggestions. You are going to need a place with knowledgeable staff who understand what you are going through and what you need to feel comfortable with yourself.

Your choices for a swimsuit are basically only limited by your personal taste and type of procedure you had. A total tissue removal will need more coverage than a lump removal. A lumpectomy needs shaping instead of prosthetic pockets. The type of cut on the top section of the suit can be higher on the neckline and arm holes for women with prosthetics and larger scars.

The bodice or top piece should have molded cups with pockets. The pockets will hold the prosthetic form if you use one. If you have had a lumpectomy and are not asymmetrical but do not require a prosthetic, the molded cups can help your breasts look even. For prosthetics, the pockets should close tightly, either with velcro or small snaps, to ensure your form does not slip out while swimming.

While shopping for suits, there are many different options available with styles. You can find the same styles in post-mastectomy suits that are in regular ones. Style does not have to be substituted just because you need a special suit. One piece, tank style, boy short, and bikini suits can be found. You can even choose to mix and match bottoms to fit your tastes.

Buying a bathing suit, under normal circumstances, is about considering body shape. The same is true with these special swim suits. They can provide shaping in problem areas such as the butt and stomach. Skirted styles flatter full-figured shapes. Regardless of the body shape, a broad range of prints and colors are available.

Be sure to try on each bathing suit that you like before you make the purchase. Whenever possible, the prosthetics should also be used to ensure that the forms fit into the pockets and the bathing suit fits with the addition. In many cases, a waterproof prosthetic may weigh different than a daily form and will change the way the suit fits.

Undergoing breast surgery is difficult enough. Women do not have to worry about what they will look like in a swim suit. Mastectomy swimwear helps women continue on with their lives. Family time and summer activities do not have to be avoided because of surgery.