It`s been so long since I had a journal or blog, so I don`t even know how to begin!

I am so very excited to announce that after a year of marriage, and a lot of unusual circumstances, my husband and I are ready to have our first child!!

We had planned on waiting until we could get our first house, being told by many friends with children that it is a lot more difficult to buy a house when you have a child, but after the second time thinking I could be pregnant, and feeling very disappointed when it turned out I wasn`t, that went out the window.

I`ve gone to many different websites to calculate my ovulation period and have it all mapped out. There`s a chance I could be pregnant even now, but I`m beginning to doubt it as the weeks pass. My period is due to start next week though, so we`ll see! If not, I`ll be a little sad, but not discouraged. Only have another two weeks to wait before really trying this time!

I`ve been reading up a lot about cloth diapers lately. It`s something I really really want to do, for both the health of my baby and the environment and how cost effective it is in the long run. James is a little less thrilled with the idea. I`ve tried to explain all the benefits, but he refuses to accept the information I`ve read up on and would sooner hear it from his doctor. I can respect that, but it`s still frustrating as all hell! So yesterday I booked us an appointment, since we`d need to soon anyway, so there!

I`m also planning on getting the Baby Bullet. I think it`s such a cute and awesome idea, and although I realize I could save money by simply using my own blender etc, I want to get it for the meal plan ideas as well as the storage bowl things :D All natural, no extra garbage, I manage what my child eats. Love it! Again, huge money-saver in the long run :3

Another thing I would love to be able to do is have a natural child birth. No epidural, please! I`m trying to find some good excersise routines to strengthen the right muscles, and I`ll be looking into classes soon too. I`m not the healthiest person right now, but the last couple months (more so the beginning on this one) I`ve given up all carbonated drinks, coffee, caffinated teas, etc. and have only been drinking water. As well, any days I need to take the bus I get off super early and walk the rest of the way to work. I make sure to always pack a lunch, as I work at McDonalds and refuse to eat while I`m there if I can avoid it (there have been days when I`ve forgotten my lunch at home, or didn`t pack enough x_x). I take Materna for my prenatal vitamins, though today I`ve decided to take them in the evening as I think they are what`s causing my quesynessémajor dizzyness lately.

I believe that, finance-wise, we`ll be ok. We just got his by two very major, very unexpected and VERY intimidating bills last month, and were able to tackle and conquer with our very modest wages! James makes an excellent clubhouse treasurer, and proved once more why I keep him around ;) It has been really tough, and we still have another four weeks to go before it`s like those bills never happened and we`re caught up with our regular ones, but I very much trust his money handling skills and am very confidant we can manage having a baby :3

I think the biggest challenge will be taking care of a baby as well as my three cats. The cats are all my responsibility. James won`t even look at the litter box unless it`s to make sure they were scooped, and he doesn`t feed them either. It`s a deal we made, so I`m certainly not complaining, but we`ll see if he`ll be able to help me out when I`m too huge to bend over to scoop those boxes :p

I`d love to also be a stay-at-home mom. James likes the idea too, but I don`t know if it`s realistic. I could sell my art to bring in extra money.. but this is something to discuss at a much later date anyway. Eitherway, I am so thrilled that it`s finally happening!!

Wish us luck!!