Please help!!!

Please help! I went in for my first ultrsound last week, and the nurse called me and said I'm 16 weeks judging by the babies size, but my LMP was march 13th-16th, if I'm 16 weeks that would mean I got pregnant around april 15th, which is when I missed my first period. It doesn't make any sense! could something be wrong with the baby that would make him so small? Could I be further along than the doctor's think?


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I wouldn't necessarily worry... my LMP was April 9th and I am 15 weeks and 1 day along (which does not coincide with my LMP - if it did I would be 19-20 weeks along). Using LMP is not an exact science and a lot of things can influence how regular your periods are, why you miss one, etc. The hCG level and ultrasound are more accurate than LMP.