Possibly pregnant...Any opinions?

Hey everyone!

This is my first post, so please forgive me if I don't post this in the correct area or if I do something incorrectly.

I stopped taking my birth control when I finished the last of my pack in October. My husband works offshore, so I'm certain about the days that we could have possibly conceived.

I took my last pill on October 28th and my period started on November 1st (perfectly regular timing). I've been on bc for years now and I remember that before I started bc, my cycles ran around every 28-32 days. So I'd expected that my period might start a few days later than normal in November...but it never did start. I've taken 4 hpt's and a urine test at my ob/gyn's this morning, all of them have come out negative. When I spoke with the nurse at my ob/gyn's office and explained, she told me to come in and do a blood test. I did that this morning, but the results won't be back until Monday.

Since I've gone through my calendar and noted everything I could possibly think of, I remember feeling that "ovulation pinch" on my right side on November 20th. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but now it seems that if that was from me ovulating, it happened a week late.

Last BC: October 28
Last Period: November 1
Possible Conception: October 27-30, November 5-9 (Immediately before and after period)
"Ovulations Pinch" Feeling: November 20
Today: 11 days late or 39 days since my last period

There haven't been many pregnancy symptoms...My nipples were very sensitive for two days (probably about two weeks ago), which isn't normal for me. I've been very thirsty the last week or so and have been drinking more water. I felt a small "ache" in my lower back last night, but nothing extreme. I had a little dizzy spell one morning about a week ago (but I just wrote that off, because I've felt like that before when I was slightly anemic).Since the Sunday before my period was supposed to start, I've felt like I normally do right before a period (not cramping, but a strange feeling in my abdomen and in my upper thighs) about three times. I have not spotted, bled, or had any cramping at all.

I know I'll hear from my doctor's office on Monday...but the suspense is torture. I'd love to be pregnant now, but I'm trying my hardest not to get my hopes up if I'm not.

So, do any of you have an opinion on whether I could be pregnant? Have any of you experienced the same thing (negative tests, missed period) and been pregnant? I've searched for info online, but haven't been able to find anything that fits my specific situation.

Thanks so much for any help!!