Pre Baby Marriage Work

So it all started with a plan once we were engaged. To be engaged for a year, married for a year, then babymaking. I put our plan on hold due to various relationship issues that I just knew had to be worked out prior to pregnancy. My husbands drinking problem was a major issue, something that never felt like an issue untill you though of bringing children into the mix. Another issue was finances my husband and I never did get joint bank accounts, due to the difference in income, he made alot more than me, and in turn paid for more bills than i could. The issue was/is that he never felt like i was contributing enough financially, which is a valid feeling, but he never took into concideration that even with a full time job, i still did all the cooking, cleaning, planning ect. So we have that issue worked out more than not, and he's quit drinking recently (im so so so proud of him), things are looking up for the making of a family goal we had.

I've told him when we were in our most troubled stages of our relationship that i felt that we would benifit from going to marriage councelling. He has agreed multiple times. I've left it in his hands to organize the appointments, because I feel that he needs to feel ownership over having a influence in saving "us". So far, he hasn't booked anything, but im holding back asking him about it because i want him to feel responcible about that aspect of this. I have decided my deadline for waiting for the therapy would be the end of Feb. After that if there has been no plans made, then i will book it. A child is much too important to bring into all of this. My parents were divorced, I know first hand how tough it can all be on a child.