Pre-Conception Appt.

Today i went in for my preconception appointment. i absolutely love the OB, i feel so comfortable with her!! She prescribed me a prenatal vitamin, but when i went to Walgreens to get the prescription, the total price was $45.00!! Usually my Rx are like 4.00. Should i take an OTC one, are those as good as the Rx ones?? What are the best OTC brands and what are the prices??

Everything looked good at my appointment, which is excellent. My only concern is that i skip my period probably about 2 a year and this completely throws off my ovulation tracking. I though i was pregnant in jan because i skipped my period January and Februaru, but this month i got my period. I bought some ovulation tracking kits, so i will be trying those.

Im so excited! I couldnt help but smile on my way out of my appointment. To think that the next time i go back will be to confirm Pregnancy!