Pregnancy Memories Gone "Wild" and Just a Bit Eccentric

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by Laura Sussely-Pope

In the Spotlight: A New and Unusual Way to Document Your Pregnancy

3D FetusEveryone wants to have mementos of their pregnancy.

So we document our journey by making belly casts, taking plenty of pictures, framing our ultrasounds, videotaping, writing diaries and books.

I will even confess that with my first baby, I saved something with the best of intentions -- a memento gone bad! I saved my son's umbilical cord. Trust me, if you don't already know this, it stinks badly after a few days!

The market has just revealed a new eccentric keepsake. It's called "Shape of an Angel", which produces a 3D ultrasound -- but it's not just any 3D ultrasound.

An MRI scans your fetus and a tiny replica gets printed out in a 3D printer, hovering in mid-air and then encased in a see-through jewelry box!

Yep! Now your friends and family can walk in and see your fetus on display! Here's the "kicker," it only costs $1,230. We'll get two!

I can't imagine buying a miniature 3D replica of my fetus. Would you buy it? How did you document your pregnancy? Do you think this is cool, creepy or just a bit odd?

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