Pregnancy symptoms @ 5 weeks

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I got home yesterday at 4:40pm and took a nap until 6:30pm… I was so tired.

I cooked dinner and around 8pm I started to get major cramps. Immediately I started to panic. I cleaned up the kitchen and then went and got in bed… I didn’t want to stress and figured if I went to bed I would relax. I woke up around 11:15pm w/ major cramps in my lower abdominal but had the urge to poo. I went to the bathroom, sat there and figured I was having another miscarriage but there was no period blood. I never called out to God or prayed more in my life than I did at that moment. All of a sudden I had trouble going poo and then I realized…. I was constipated!!! HA! That is probably the only time I have ever been excited to be constipated. I never realized that constipation cramps and menstrual cramps feel really really similar.

I finished in the bathroom and I immediately felt better. The cramps went away so I went into the computer to look up any correlation between early pregnancy and constipation. Apparently that is a major issue in early pregnancy along with sore boobs. I felt such relief!!!

I woke up this morning and ate a fiber bar (HA!) and have been doing great this morning. A big scare but I am glad that everything is still good!