Pregnant and FAB...

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I will start this off by saying that my fiancee inspired this writing.

He claims that I will consequently drop all my diva for the next 8 months! He went as far as offering to take me on a shopping spree for sweats and hair scarfs. I laughed and reached for something to throw at him...and then instantly had a brief panic attack. I thought that I honestly needed a new wardrobe because there is NO way I could do sweats day in and out. Maternity much of a fashionista as I am, I am not versed on the new trends and or hot boutiques to shop in to accomodate and accentuate, ahem not enhance my growing midsection! I wanted to make sure I still felt like my self as I traveled this journey.

I am a woman that has a unique and eclectic, high fashion sense of style. I shop everywhere from Nordstrom, bloomigdale's, to thrift shops, Macy's, Chanel Boutiques and find that these things make me feel colorful and alive. I am a radio personality and a publicist and have an active social life, mingle and mix with a wonderful network of movers and shakers in the industry. I want, ok forget want HAVE to find a way to stay on top of my game and not look run down and shabby regardless of how I feel. I am only 7 weeks pregnant and have been struggling to stay sharp because I feel DULL! My face has no glow..and my hair is lazy and dry looking...I have to fight to keep my lips from looking parched and dry because I am ALWAYS thirsty...and sad to admit I wore sweatpants to the office 3 out of 5 days this past work week. Now I know some will say.."Girl you are pregnant, you get a pass" (temper tantrum)I don't want a pass so I have committed to starting now at 7 weeks to organize my plan for staying FAB while to join me on this journey and share your tips for staying on point! I will post tips and fun places and websites I find to shop!! Come on ladies..let's have some fun!

My radio name is Remedy so I will usually start off my blogs by saying something like this:

Need a comfortable pair of sexy flats and don't want to spend alot of $$
I got the Remedy!!

I am excited about my baby and have started a journal to catalog these next 9 months I encourage you to do the same..also take lots of pictures it will be alot of fun!!

Enjoy my pretty pregnant mamis!!