Prevent Brain Injury to Infants During Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery

Traditional birthing classes, best selling books and medical professionals talk about the technical—and even loving—aspects of childbirth, but I have never seen one mention the serious complications that can happen and what parents need to know to prevent infant brain injuries. This article provides a beginning for this information. It is not meant to alarm you, but to prepare you to be a better advocate for your unborn child.

I created this beyond birthing class’s concept over the course of a career devoted to helping parents and their families fill this information void. For more than 25 years, I have represented the families of birth-injured babies—all of these injuries could have been prevented if the pregnant mother’s conditions had been properly monitored and acted upon in a timely manner. Even worse, I have seen the same errors repeated again and again during this time.

I encourage parents to go beyond birthing classes and learn to recognize and be able to deal with serious complications that may develop during pregnancy, labor and delivery; and to never hesitate to ask questions and insist on the truth.

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