Rambelings of a crazy person

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So I'm a bit of a planner and because of it everyone is sick of hearing from me. Maybe this will help me get out what I need to talk about without driving everyone nuts with my talking.

I'm a natural birth mom. I'm wanting, and hopefully will be getting a natural home birth for my next baby. I'm so excited! I'm not pregnant and most likely wont be for another few months at least. So i've been doing lots and lots of research on midwifes trying to find one that I like BEFORE I get pregnant so I know who to call when the exciting news happens and so I know I will have a spot open for me. There isn't a ton of choices that i'm happy with that offer what I'm wanting and that don't charge an arm and a leg. One charges $1800 and the other is charging $2000. This will all be coming out of our pocket so we really need to watch costs. I have one that i've talked to twice that I really like so far, I haven't meet her but I've talked with her on the phone and she seems very nice and already treats me like a friend, she is at least a 45 minute drive away and DH would have to take a full day off work to go to the appointments with me. BUT here is the best part, they are trying to open an office 15 minutes away from where I live at the beginning of next year, before or around the time I would be trying to conceive if DH is ready then. The other midwife I've looked into is a lot closer but I've only been able to get a hold of her through e-mail and she never seems very nice and she wont agree to meet with me until i'm expecting. My friend says she is great though and i've heard wonderful things about her but she just doesn't seem as personal as the other one and I really want my midwife to seem like a good friend by the time we are done. Like if I see her in the store we could sit and talk about life for a half hour rather than just say hi and go on our way.

The one I really like so far is the cheaper of the two as well. Smile Now to have patience to give DH a break from all of my talking before bringing this up with him. I don't know if I can wait though. I'm seriously jumping out of my skin right now with happiness and excitement!