Is this really happening?

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We've been waiting for 3 years to see 2 lines. I had resolved myself to the what I deemed a fact, that we just would never get pregnant. That I would never see 2 lines on that damn stick. And yet yesterday I did. It was such a shock that I carried that stick with me to pick up my husband. And I handed him the stick that I had peed on less than 20 minutes ago.

Two lines. Clear as day, there were two pink lines.

And today, just in case, I took another test.

Two lines.

Hello little poppy seed. Smile


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Wow! Congratulations! My husband and I are married for about the same time. We have not used any contraception at all and are still working on it. What advice could you give me?

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If you haven't both been checked out for fertility issues I would start there. My hubby has a varicocele that was surgically corrected a couple of years ago. We were starting off at a disadvantage.

I did the whole temperature thing and ovulation sticks, but that was as far as I took it and honestly after a year of that I was losing my mind.

We made the decision at Christmas that if we weren't pregnant after one year of my husband starting a new job we would adopt. Essentially, we let it all go.

I tested positive on 3/17 and was absolutely shocked. I think we finally got rid of the stress of life at just the right moment.

Good luck to you!