Relieved at this point

Right away while trying to conceive we picked up one of those fertility monitors. It's the Clearblue Easy one where it tells me which days to pee on the stick and then it'll tell me either that I have low fertility, high fertility or peak fertility on any specific day. After this last period, which dear God I wanted to die from, I was getting anxious. Days 6-12 went by without even a high fertility day... I started getting worried. I've been so stuck on the idea of pregnancy that I think I've been tricking my body into believing that I am. Breast tenderness, nausea, heartburn, sensitive to smells and tastes, some gas (just being honest), extremely emotional, vivid dreams, and some wild mood swings that make my husband duck and run for cover.

Finally this morning I peed on another little stick and instead of low or high it said peak fertility. Here's hoping!