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I went to see my OB yet again this past Thursday the 26th for my annual exam finally. Since the whole pregnancy/miscarriage fiasco over the past few months, my annual check-up was pushed to the side. So I had my exam done and brought up some health concerns I had about getting pregnant again. I found out this past December that my mother's mom had her thyroid removed and no one knows why. She did not disclose information about her health to children. My mother went to the doctor for a persistent sore throat and they found she had a lump on her thyroid. She was scheduled for surgery and biopsy in late December, and the biopsy came back as benign and her thyroid function is normal. With this last pregnancy, I learned that improper thyroid function can contribute to miscarriage. Naturally I wanted my thyroid tested in lieu of the recent events to make sure that it wasn't my thyroid that could have caused this last miscarriage. My doctor, who is wonderful I might add, was more than happy to accomodate my request and called me himself to let me know that my thyroid profile came back perfectly normal. One less thing to worry about for next time. I did also bring up the fact that my aunt (my mother's sister) has autoimmune disease that the doctors can't quite figure out. They thought is was lupus but then retracted that diagnosis several years ago and still don't know what she has. After my first miscarriage at age 20 she made a point to tell me that if I had multiple miscarriages to ask my doc about getting tested for autoimmune (I feel like I'm talking about an episode of House right now... "is it infection or autoimmune..." lol) diseases. I brought this concern to my doctor as well last Thursday and because it's my aunt and not my mother with the disease, he's not placing too much emphasis on it and I can understand that. And everything I've read about miscarriage, even if an autoimmune disorder is the cause, to not be alarmed at 2 consecutive miscarriages. When you have 3, then the need for concern is valid and testing begins. That is what my doctor told me; that I'm still young (bless his heart for that) and that having 2 miscarriages is not as UNcommon as one might think. He said I don't look like someone who would have any autoimmune anything (although looks can be decieving) and that we should wait and see what the next pregnancy does. He KNOWS that I am concerned, which is why I think he called me at work himself the morning he got my bloodwork results to let me know my thyroid is fine. And, come to find out, my mother had 2 miscarriages before getting successfully pregnant with my sister, my aunt had 3 miscarriages before her first child was born, and my grandmother ended up on fertility treatment before having 3 children. So clearly difficulty getting and staying pregnant is an issue for the women on my mother's side. I just hope that now it doesn't become difficult for me to get pregnant again. I'd really like to be pregnant again by the summer or fall. Preferably by early summer so we can share the news with my husbands siblings who will be visiting. I hope that my wonderful doctor will be prepared to "deal" with me when pregnancy happens again. I miscarried at 8 weeks, so you know I will be demanding ultrasound at around 6-7 weeks and I'll be asking for weekly HCG checks to make sure the levels are going up and not down. It's time to cross my fingers and pray that I get pregnant soon and that I stay pregnant this time. I don't know if I can deal with more heartbreak like that.


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I'm currently 5 1/2 months pregnant with my 3rd child. I have had questionable issues in the past with my thyroid, but not tested for anything, as it was overlooked, and once my children have been born, my thyroid went back to normal.

Both my maternal grandmother and aunt have had thyroid issues, where both of them are on medication for life. My aunt could no longer conceive following her 1st birth.

Currently my TSH levels, and all my thyroid functions tests have come back normal. Just 2 years ago, after the birth of my 2nd child, my thyroid wasn't even palpable by my physician. However, now, apparently I have a "bulky" thyroid on my left side, have had an ultrasound, and am now going for a biopsy to determine if further investigation is needed.

Both my children were born early/on-time. However, they developed smaller than normal, with the largest one being only 6lbs, 11oz. This baby, with my current pregnancy, is also measuring smaller compared to how far along I am.

I totally understand your concerns with thyroid testing. It's scary to know such a small gland could cause so many issues with pregnancy. I really hope you overcome whatever issues you have, and go forward with a viable pregnancy and birth.

Best wishes.