Sandy's Surprise -- Adding a Doula

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My appointment with the midwife in that practice was really good! She was very knowledgeable, and I actually liked her more than the midwife we had chosen for our homebirth. She wasn't as crunchy, which was okay since I'm not really into all the herbs and things anyway.

I spoke with my Bradley instructor afterwards and told her about our maybe-change in plans and she said a great idea would be to take a doula with us. The midwife in the birthing center setting obviously couldn't be with us all of the time, and she said a doula would be valuable as far as advocating for us, getting us food, etc.

If we go with the birthing center, I definitely want to look into that. In fact, we might ask my Bradley instructor to be our doula because she works part-time as a midwife assistant. We both really like her.

My dilemma now is what to tell my homebirth midwife. I don't want to tell her we've decided against her yet because I don't want to make any decisions for a little while. But I do need to tell her something because I have a prenatal appointment set up with her next week and that's when the first installation of fees are due if we plan on using her.

I think I might just tell her that we're thinking about our other options and I hope she understands that I need to take a step back while I make my decision. I hope I don't offend her!

It turns out that the person we spoke with who gave us the tour of the birthing center was a volunteer who didn't know much about their alternative natural birthing methods. She was also way off with their cesarean rates -- the center has one of the lowest rates in the state of 12%, and the midwife I spoke to has a rate of 6% herself.

I am sure with a doula there, we won't be one of the 6% unless something goes horribly wrong!

Yesterday Tim and I went to BRU to look around and also to find a car seat, bassinet and swing that we liked. We ended up finding a pack 'n' play that we both liked, and it converts from a bassinet to a play yard when baby's older. We decided to add that to our list since we don't want any more clutter/growing out of things too quickly than there already is going to be!

While we were there we looked at boys' outfits (there are some really, really cute summer ones out right now that I had to keep myself from buying!) and also some girls' ones because I couldn't resist. I told Tim we're going to have to get some matching brother-sister outfits once we're closer to April. I think it's so cute when families do this!

Anyway, I can't wait for the end of summer when they have more full-length clothes so we can actually start buying some stuff for him. His grandparents are going to come visit him for the first time around Christmas, so I definitely want him to have some super-cute outfits for the time they're here.

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