Sandy's Surprise -- A Bad Case of the Hiccups!

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Last night was so funny! I couldn't sleep (ah, pregnancy induced insomnia is SO much fun!) so I ate two slices of some pepperoni pizza that Tim had baked earlier. Unbeknownst (love that word) to me, he had heaped on lots of red chili pepper flakes onto the slices. So I ate them thinking they were spicy, but not really caring. After I let them settle in my tummy for a bit, I decided to lay down to try to sleep.

And then I burst out laughing because I gave my poor baby son a bad case of the hiccups! All that spicy flavoring was probably too much for him! It was so cute, I would feel bump-bump, bump-bump, bump-bump so rhythmically! It was just adorable, and I was giggling until he stopped and I was able to finally fall asleep.

Anyway, I ended up staying up till 5 AM, then I woke up every hour on the hour and was up for the day at 10 AM. I'm going to the gym to work out with Tim in about 20 minutes and I *refuse* to take a nap! I should sleep like a baby tonight (no pun intended).

Tim and I had a talk about adoption over the weekend. We are still definitely planning on going through with it but I seem to be more optimistic than he is about when we would start. This is pretty normal for us -- I'm the optimist and he is the realist. But he does have a point. He separates from the military in March, then we have to sell our house and move, and he will have a new job.

That's a lot of random factors right there to *guarantee* that we will be able to start the process in April. He said we will if we can, but he doesn't want me to get all excited about it and then feel let down.

I realized what he was saying made sense, so I'm trying to tone down the adoption talk some. I definitely don't want to get all pumped for it and then realize we have to wait till the end of the year or something. Plus, I think planning for the adoption so far in advance is just a way for me to cope with the boredom of being home alone all day!

I really wish we had a name for Baby Boy! I think it would help me think of him more as "my baby" if we did. Right now I'm having a hard time relating my bump to the idea of my son. Maybe I'll try to talk Tim into another baby naming session. Gosh, those can be frustrating when nothing sounds good to either of us!

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