Sandy's Surprise -- Don't Hurry, Baby!

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I am just fine, just been busy with the long weekend and school starting back up - the substitute teaching calls are already pouring in, can you believe it?? Those slacker teachers!

Just a quick note before I head out... this past weekend Tim and I finally bought our Pack 'n' Play! That is our second to last big purchase, after that we just need a swing/bouncy seat combo and we're ALL set for the baby! I am so excited! We got the Chicco Lullaby Playard. Here's a picture:

It has some pretty fancy features which I'm sure we'll never use like a remote control for the vibration/music thingy. But we liked how cushy it was and also how sturdy! I think the baby will be very comfy in there.

I have been feeling pretty good! I'm back to substituting, and have been cooking/baking/cleaning like crazy. My father-in-law thinks I'm nesting, and one of my fellow teachers told me it looks like Baby Boy is riding really low and might come sooner than I think...

I really hope not! I want him to bake as long as possible and be healthy. I don't care if he's big, I just want him to be happy and healthy!

On that note,