Sandy's Surprise -- Pee-on-a-stick

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Want to know more about Sandy? Hello, I'm 24-years-old. My husband and I tried for two years to have a baby, but nothing was working. We saw doctors, specialists, pharmacists -- you name it. They put us on drugs like Clomid, told us to relax, told us to chart, told us to try a million different things but we had no luck. Finally, they said our only hope of having a biological child would be IUI or IVF. We decided not to do either.

For years, even before we were married, we had talked about adopting. We waded through knee-deep piles of paperwork, red tape and more paperwork! We handed over wads of cash, knowing that the end result would be beautiful little girl from India. Finally, we got the call and booked our tickets, called our family -- and then, to make sure, I took a pregnancy test. I noticed that my period had been missing-in-action for about a week, but attributed it to my whacky cycles or stress. Lo and behold, the digital flashed the word "Pregnant" at me!

Thus began our journey to parenthood. We gave up our adoption dream due to some agency policy that said we couldn't do both (be pregnant and adopt). So we refocused all our energy into this pregnancy. So far I have been blessed with a healthy pregnancy and baby beanie inside. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us as a family!

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Bright and early on Saturday, February 17th, I woke up and decided to take a pregnancy test. It was 6:30 am, and I had to pee. I looked over at my husband, and saw that he was awake, too. He was the one who had convinced me to take the test, since my period had been missing-in-action for about a week.

I have generally wacky cycles, so I figured that was probably it. But a tiny doubt was niggling away at me anyway, since for the past few cycles I had been regular. Since we had plans to go skiing that weekend, I decided to test to make sure it was safe.

So I went into the bathroom, "pee-on-a-stick", and before I could even get up off the seat, the word "Pregnant" was staring back at me from the digital screen. Very happily, I looked at it, and searched for the word "Not" as I had seen "Not Pregnant" so many times before that I really didn't think the digital tests were programmed to say anything else!

Fortunately, all it said was "Pregnant". I felt a moment of disbelief, a moment of panic, and then I smiled. It was true! I really was pregnant! I took the test out to show my husband, Tim, and nonchalantly handed it to him. I said, "What does this say?" I watched as his jaw dropped to his lap! It was amazing. I grinned at him, and he grinned at me. We talked about how amazing this is!

After that we both got up, brushed our teeth and decided to send his unsuspecting parents an innocuous e-mail. All it said was, "What do you guys think of this?" and we attached the picture of the positive home pregnancy test.

Soon enough, we got a phone call and his mom was yelling and screaming with happiness! She said his dad had opened the email, and started yelling so loudly, she thought he was having a heart attack! It was great!

Tim and I walked to the local coffee shop here in town for a celebratory cup of warm milk, and we talked about the pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage (my mom miscarried several times before me, so we're worried), and how I was feeling. That was by far one of the happiest days of my life!

And here we are today, I'm sitting pretty at 6 weeks 4 days. Morning sickness (all day sickness, really!) has started to kick in, and I'm tired all the time. And when I'm not tired or sick, I'm hungry.

It's been really fun so far, though. Everyday I wonder what our little one is up to in there. I welcome all the symptoms, even the unsavory ones like constipation because I know it means that s/he is healthy and thriving in there! Being pregnant has been magical so far, in spite of the not-so-glamorous weight gain, bloating, gas, etc.

I hope and pray I get to carry this baby to term, but if not, I am determined to enjoy each and every precious day I get with him/her. Each day, I thank God for this opportunity to be pregnant and have life growing inside me.

My first OB appointment has been scheduled for March 1st at 9:50 am. I'll be meeting with an OB nurse, and she'll do all the routine questions. My first ultrasound won't be until I'm 10-12 weeks along. I just cannot wait! I know we'll rest so much easier once we see or hear that little heart beating away.

Okay, I'm off to drink some more ginger ale now!