Sandy's Surprise -- The Long Awaited Ultrasound!

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I'm back! It went great! The baby is measuring exactly one week behind, so either I ovulated late, or I told them the wrong date of my menstrual period.

Who can remember? It's not like I thought I had any reason to keep track!

The baby's heart was beating away, we got to hear it AND see it! The doctor recorded it at right around 160 BPM! She said the baby looks healthy, and there is no cause for concern at this time!

My due date has been moved to October 24th. I am so happy and relieved! And can I just say the baby is beautiful? Of course, I might be biased!

We also asked for a nuchal translucency scan, but our hospital doesn't do it, so the doctor said she'd refer us out to a bigger hospital in the nearest city to here. They'll do that around 11 weeks.

We are not at risk for Down's, but I still wanted to get it done. Plus, it just means another, more high-tech ultrasound! I am SO excited! Thank you for all the good thoughts you sent us -- they worked!

We went out to celebrate right after -- baby window shopping and lunch -- hence the delay in updating. But then we had to come home because I started to feel sick. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted!

Okay, so now that I am less giddy, I'll recount the details of the appointment. First, the doctor was really nice, but really rough! When she did my pap, I was sweating because it hurt so bad! And I am usually really relaxed during paps. I even made a comment about how paps don't worry me because I don't feel a thing, and she said, "Well, this one might hurt because everything hurts more down there when you're pregnant."

I should've taken that as a warning! Tim was there, and he said it looked like I was about to cry. It felt like she was sticking a burning torch down there! Thankfully it only took about 30 seconds, so I was able to get through it without yelling at her.

Tim was so cute, he kept saying, "Are you okay?" in this really alarmed voice. Boy, is he going to be in for a shock during labor! As a matter of fact, so am I!

After that, she shoved her hands inside me and did a cervix check. That went okay, and the breast exam was really uncomfortable, but fine. Then it was time for the ultrasound!

She shoved the wand up my hoo-ha (I don't think this woman knows the meaning of the word 'gentle') and started moving it around really fast. She didn't say anything for a while, but I figured she was just getting in position. Little did I know she was having trouble finding the baby!

Tim said he started to get worried because he couldn't see anything on the screen and she kept whipping the wand around trying to get a better look. Finally, she found the baby and said, "Okay, there it is! I was getting concerned because I couldn't see a heartbeat!"

I was like, "WHAT?!" Thank goodness she didn't say anything before or I might've passed out! Anyway, once she found it she didn't have any problems staying with it. The baby's heartbeat was really strong.

It was so cute! They barely looked at it and measured it and measured the baby for about 5 minutes before they turned off the machine. That's the base for ya! Everything is in and out...Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma'am.

It kinda sucked, but at least we get a better ultrasound with the nuchal screen!

It was so wonderful to get to see him/her for even those brief minutes. The good thing is baby looks great, heartbeat is strong and everything is as it should be!

And now, without further ado, here is a picture of Little Pumpkin!

ultrasound images of 'Little Pumpkin'

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