Sandy's Surprise -- Happy Ten Weeks, Baby!

So according to Audrey (Audgee), I'm having a BOY! Here are what all the different "tests" say:

  • Ring and string test: GIRL
  • Old wives' tale test online: BOY
  • Audgee's prediction: BOY
  • Chinese gender prediction chart: GIRL

What do you know? They're evenly divided! I guess there's no denying it; I'll just have to wait till the big ultrasound at 20 weeks! I would just love to know so that I can start buying baby stuff.

I am trying not to browse because for me that usually means I end up buying! I've already seen really, really cute unisex clothes at Baby Gap that I want to get. I am trying to be patient, but it's not working!! Tim is, of course, really worried!

TEN WEEKS TODAY! Happy ten weeks, baby! I made Tim say that to the baby this morning before he headed off to work.

I have him say it every Wednesday when he heads off to work, because we move forward one week every Wednesday. Poor guy, he's probably wondering what happened to his usually sane wife!

My pregnancy website says that if you've heard the heartbeat by now, the risk of miscarriage has dropped way down by this week. I am so excited!! We get to see baby and hear his/her heartbeat again in about 2½ weeks!

Ack! I can't sleep Even though my body is so tired! We went to WalMart today and walked down 4 aisles -- after that, I was literally hanging on to Tim's arm telling him I could not make it another step. It was rough.

I had to sit on this stack of toilet paper they had there (glamorous, I know!) and wait for it to pass. Then my fatigue got better, but my back starting aching really badly! So we left quickly, and when I got home I had some dinner.

I feel so much better now, but hello insomnia! I gotta say, though, I'll take fatigue and/or pain over morning sickness any day! I have a fairly good pain tolerance, but almost no tolerance for feeling pukey!

I wore my maternity top out for the first time today, and was surprised to see how much I filled it out! I have really popped. My boobs and belly are so much bigger now, I am definitely noticeably pregnant.

I have people ask me without trepidation when I'm due now, so I know. I also get a lot of people looking at my belly first and then at my face. I never knew people did that before I started showing!

Here's a 10 week belly picture!

I forgot to mention that Tim and I had an awesome time on Monday! We did almost everything on our list, including a few extra fun things. It was a nice, relaxing day and we both really needed it.

When we got home we curled up on the couch together with our dinners and watched Jurassic Park. I think marrying my best friend was the smartest thing I've ever done!

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