Sandy's Surprise -- Tired of Nothing To Do

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I am tired of being home with absolutely nothing to do. My boss has called me twice so far to see if I'll consider coming back to teach preschool, and I am so tempted. But I think that combination of fevers, germs, diarrhea that was so common for me when I worked there is just not going to be good during pregnancy.

I sure do miss my kids, though! I'm trying to get a job substitute teaching. That way, I get to go in infrequently, there's no set schedule, and middle schoolers don't have as many debilitating germs as preschoolers.

I am so excited! I signed up for two classes in June! I am going to be taking Theories of Personality and Study of the Family. I thought I'd be in India right now, so I hadn't signed up for anything for this semester. I can't wait to go back to school! I have about 9 classes left to go before I get my Bachelor's in Psychology.

And after that, I would love to enroll in graduate school to get my Masters. My dream is to become a family and women's issues counselor one day.

I have been a little low on energy and happiness today because I have really bad hip pain. They are just achy, I feel like they're constantly being pressed together. It helps some to soak in a hot bath.

I can't wait to get a maternity swimsuit so I can go swimming in the pool! That will be heaven.

I've been thinking some about how Tim and I will tell my in-laws about the baby's sex. We are leaving to go visit them soon after we have the big ultrasound. I want to do something creative and make it something of a game for them to figure out.

Tim says I just relish the idea of seeing them jumping through hoops. I swear, I am not a mean daughter-in-law!

And while we're there visiting, I also want to go on this haunted tour of an old penitentiary in their city. Apparently it was closed down in the 18th or 19th century. It's got all these ghosts inhabiting it now.

The tour is supposed to be really good, and I've wanted to go forever. I'm determined to go this time, but the only thing is, it's an hour and a half on foot! I'll be around 21 or 22 weeks pregnant by then, so I don't know how I'll fare with that. I was telling Tim we need to rent a wheelchair.

Okay, time to get back to my veggie pizza!