Sandy's Surprise -- First Day Subbing

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I just got my hair trimmed and styled today, and it feels so great! I love getting my hair done, I don't do it nearly as often as I should. The last time I was at the stylist was in September 2006!

I love my new stylist though. She's really great. She's so excited that we're pregnant. The last time I went to see her, I was complaining about the adoption process and how slow it was so she was definitely surprised to see my bump!

I turned in my application for substitute teaching today. Hopefully I at least get called a few times before school breaks for the summer. It will be a nice bit of pocket change and plus, it will get me out of the house! I hate being stuck here all the time, and there's nothing to do in this town.

The one place I can volunteer at is closed on all days except Tuesdays for two hours. I could go to the animal shelter but I can't stand the smell of that place now that I'm pregnant!

A nice "side effect" of being pregnant is that I'm cooking a lot more now! It's because I'm so picky about what goes in my tummy so I have to make it myself. Tim loves it! So I usually cook dinner for us, and he does the dishes. It's great!

11 weeks! This was a BIG milestone for me in my head. My OB nurse told us that virtually no m/c happen after 10 weeks, so I am so happy to be here!

Last night was a little scary, though. I had moderately bad cramps (like menstrual cramps) and they radiated to my back and hips. I think it's just from all the stretching of bodily parts. It scared me though because I had just had a nightmare that morning about a miscarriage. But all is fine now, thank goodness!


I talked to Tim and we definitely want to do the M&M idea. He really likes the idea of just setting out a bowl of them and waiting for people to guess. I will definitely share pictures from when we do it!

I am on lunch break now. Yesterday I officially got signed on as a substitute teacher and today I got my first call! I guess they weren't kidding when they said they have a high need for subs! I am working with 8th and 9th graders, and OMG! They are such a handful but so much fun.

I have to be at school all day today, which is a bit more than I wanted, but they were desperate for someone to cover this teacher's classes and so I said okay.

My back is already killing me! I try to sit when I can, but it still hurts. Ah well, when I get home I'm going to have Tim massage it for me! And I'm going to take a nice, warm bath.