Sandy's Surprise -- Being Pregnant Must Be a Lot of Work!

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Wow, after my classes yesterday, I was so beat. I was hobbling as I walked down our driveway and into our house. My back hurt, my feet hurt, my head hurt and I was starving. But still, it was WORTH it to get out of the house!

I actually had a lot of fun! The kids were so challenging, but also it felt good to be interacting with them. I might be weird, but I've always loved working with preteens and early teens. It was strange though because about 90% of them were bigger and taller than me!

I got asked in all my classes whether I was pregnant.

I got signed up through the automatic SubFinder system for another full day today teaching 6th graders, but I had to cancel that job. I was in so much pain. I woke up at 5 AM and felt like I had been run over by a truck.

I think the main problem was that I only had two options from periods 1 through 7 -- either stand up or sit on this really uncomfortable, unpadded barstool type chair. I have these two spots right under my butt cheeks that burn because they got compressed on that chair

Tim said my feet were slightly swollen, too. It was so nice, though, he gave me a long massage. I really admire women who work through all 9 months of their pregnancy! I couldn't even make it one day without being able to sit down comfortably!

But the good news is, I've gotten signed on for 4 more days scattered throughout April. This is going to be fun! And the money's not bad, either.

I got some great news about the little girl we were going to adopt. A week ago, her referral went to another family! Jenny said she really thinks we would have handpicked this family ourselves. They are very nice, and she's going to have two big brothers! I am so, so happy for her and relieved.

I must admit though, it made me cry when I got that email because it just reinforced that she is not ours. We still have pictures of her up on our walls. I think she'll always have a piece of our hearts. I am just so glad she is going to be okay.


I am so tired! Tim and I did some yard work today. I only did a miniscule amount of the work -- namely, I planted a flowering plant (Candy Tuft), and then swept off the sidewalk, but now I am so beat! I can't wait to go to bed tonight.

When we were adopting, I felt this huge need to buy things for the baby as soon as we were done with the paperwork. But with this baby, I feel no such urge. In fact, I am perfectly content to wait to buy things until we absolutely have to. He asked me why.

I really think it's because in the adoption process, there is so much waiting, and so much of the unknown. Now that I'm pregnant, my body is telling me everyday that I have a baby inside me. I've seen and heard the heartbeat, I have pictures, and I know when the baby is coming (approximately, anyway!).

But with the adoption, it was a whole bunch of sit-around-and-do-nothing. It was very disconcerting, and I so needed something to keep me connected and keep me hopeful. I would have to say, all in all, pregnancy is definitely emotionally easier. With a healthy pregnancy, you don't have much to deal with emotionally, but it's definitely not so with a "healthy" adoption. Just my two cents worth.

We're watching Stranger Than Fiction with Will Ferrell tonight as soon as Tim gets off the phone, so I better go get some dinner ready!

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