Sandy's Surprise -- Cheri's Prediction Is Back!

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I got Cheri's prediction back! She is seeing GIRL for us! Here's what she said:

"When it comes to your daughter, I would tell you that I see her as someone with very long hair, usually down to her waist or the middle of her back. She's someone who loves to wear it back with barettes and fancy elastics.

She just finds that the more "sparkly" the better. This is something that she will have no problems with even as a young child -- loves to look "pretty."

I think that you will find that she's very mature for her age. A lot of the kids will look up to her for advice and listen really well. She's very easy to like, and a bit of a "leader" among her friends and close family.

I think that she is the person who has a good conscious, is able to lead by example, and doesn't argue very much with regards to anything. She is the one who listens, and will think about it, and then react, always someone who is calm, and has a good course of action. Deals well with stressful situations and seems to work easily through it.

When it comes to career path, I see her working for a medium size company and is in charge of all of the advertising and marketing involved. Shes the "face" for the company image, making sure that she deals well with any public input and encourages the company to stay in the "spotlight." Handles any trade shows, or meetings...etc.

When it comes to marriage I see her closer to 23, they will have two boys and one girl of their own."

Neat, huh? Audgee and Cheri, going head to head! I can't wait to see which one's right!

I totally forgot today's Wednesday! That means...I'm 12 weeks pregnant! I am officially 3 months -- Yay! I remember thinking that this point in pregnancy seemed so far away, but it's finally here.

I am so excited for the baby!