Sandy's Surprise -- Morning Sickness Hits Hard!

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All of my family, and my husband's parents now know about the pregnancy. We had a trip planned which we had to put off, so we had to tell some people we weren't planning on telling.

That's okay. Everyone is very excited and very concerned that I rest and do nothing. Fine by me! My mother-in-law keeps telling me about all the things she wants to buy the baby. She is so cute! She is going to spoil this baby rotten!

Morning sickness is hitting hard. I'm so grateful I have a husband who will run and get me anything I want. Any time I make a motion to get up, he tells me to sit back down and that he'll get it for me. It's really sweet!

Lately I haven't been up to doing much of anything, so it's nice to be able to relax and know he really doesn't mind. I feel bad though, he works so hard at his job and then he comes home and takes care of me. I've heard second trimester is a lot better, so hopefully my energy levels will go back up then!

Seven weeks exactly today. This was a little milestone I set for myself to get through the fear of miscarriage. I am so happy I've made it this far!

Tomorrow we have our first OB appointment -- the one where they do all the medical history stuff. I am excited! I truly cannot wait for our first ultrasound, though! I have to be between 10-12 weeks for that, so another 3-5 weeks to go.


The OB appointment went really well! The nurse said I am not high-risk, so that is definitely a good thing. She also said that my chance of having twins is higher than normal! Eek! Tim was really happy to hear that, though. He really, really wants twins! I think twins would be really neat, except for the never ever sleeping / showering / eating for the next 18 years part!

We also got some good news regarding my family's history of miscarriages. She said that their history does not affect my miscarriage rate. Mine stays the same at 12% just like anyone else. So that's a relief!

Our first ultrasound has been set for March 20th at 1 pm! I cannot wait! I know we're both going to rest so much easier after we see that heartbeat. 19 more days!

So our plan of not telling any friends and acquaintances until after the ultrasound is not going so great! My friend called me about 6 times last night trying to get a hold of me because she heard through the grapevine that I'm pregnant!

So of course I had to call her this morning and tell her why I hadn't told her yet. She was pretty understanding. And in total shock, like everyone who's found out so far! We had gone to her house a few weeks ago, when I was about 5 weeks pregnant. We didn't know at the time that I was pregnant. She said she noticed that my boobs had gotten humongous! She thought I was going through a "growth spurt."

I'm going out with my other friend on Wednesday, and I really popped this week, so I know she's going to know, too! Well, at least I'll be 8 weeks that day, so it won't be too much longer till my ultrasound. 16 more days!

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