Sandy's Surprise -- Big NT Scan!

I... am... so... tired! I helped Tim paint the living room yesterday. Now, in all fairness, he did most of the work. But I did some and I am tanked!

On the plus side, it looks really good. We painted the walls a stone color. It goes very well with our wine-colored curtains, and it makes the room look so open and big!

I am starting to get nervous about the NT scan tomorrow. For the longest time I've been telling myself that everything will be okay. We are not at risk for anything. But now I keep thinking, "What if...?" in the far recesses of my mind. I just want the baby to be okay. Happy and healthy would make me happy. If all goes well, we'll be out shopping and celebrating. I'll be sure to update as soon as I get home!


The NT scan went very well! The baby was asleep when we got there, so the sonographer had to wake him/her up! It was funny, but it was sleeping with its hand over its eyes, and that's Tim's favorite position to sleep in!

The baby was so active after a while of being poked and prodded. It was so amazing to watch! I was so happy to see my little beanie waving and kicking and rolling around -- and at one point it even mooned us! My favorite, though, was when it stood on its head and waved its legs back and forth! It was so cute!

They recorded the heartrate at 167 BPM this time. Baby had its legs crossed almost the entire ultrasound, so there wasn't very much room for peeking! Ah well, we'll just have to wait for the 20 week ultrasound.

The lady said that there was something that could be the beginning of a penis, or it could've been labia. That's helpful! Apparently at this point, all there is is a little bump and you can tell by the angle of the bump, but since baby wasn't laying on its back, we couldn't measure the angle.

She said her guess was only as good as ours at this point because baby did not want us finding out. I really went in hoping to find out, but now I just don't care!

It was just so amazing to see him/her in there. This time he/she was moving so much that I felt this huge connection. It was so much bigger than when we went in for our first ultrasound which lasted 5 minutes, and the baby didn't move at all. This time, we got to see its little personality, and it was truly amazing. We got a ton of pictures -- one is posted below.

She said as far as she could see, everything looked good but we'll get the results back by phone soon. They have their genetic counselors call with the results, so you can ask any questions you have right then.

They also took some blood and then we were on our way! The appointment took a little over an hour. I can't wait to see him/her again!

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