Sandy's Surprise -- The 13-Weeks Dance!

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My morning sickness is gone! Occasionally I'll feel a little nauseous now and then, but nothing at all like how I was feeling! We have 7 weeks till we can find out the gender! That seems like such a long time, but these almost 13 weeks have flown by, so maybe the next 7 will, too.

We're looking after our friend's cat while she's away on a business trip, and when we went over there last night, the door was locked! There was no way for us to get into the house to feed/pet/water her.

So I called my friend (who is out of state) and told her, and I guess what happened is that her real estate agent showed the house (they're selling) on Sunday after my friend left, and then locked the house up behind her. My friend just called an hour and a half ago to tell me that the real estate agent was unlocking the house right away, so I said I'd go in and check on her cat.

Well, it's pouring outside, so I gave the agent 45 minutes and then ran out to the car, drove 15 minutes there, and there's no sign of the agent and the house is still locked up! I guess when she said she was going to do it "right away" she meant sometime today. I feel bad for the kitty.

I called my friend and told her what was going on, but she was at work so I got her voicemail. It irks me because the real estate agent literally lives down the street from my friend, so it's not a huge deal to go over there and get it done. I wish I knew which house exactly, I'd go over there and get the key myself.

Isn't it funny how things always fall apart when you're gone and you're at your most helpless? I just hope the kitty's okay and has enough food and water.

Anyway, after that I went to the grocery store to pick up a few TV dinners (yum!), and I saw my old boss from the preschool! As usual, she told me she wanted me back, if only to teach part-time.

Apparently the kids keep asking about me, as do the parents. I'm seriously considering just teaching the afternoon class (2 hours) once summer comes, since I won't be substituting anymore. It'll give me a chance to see the kids again and I'll have something to do.

Well, today's Wednesday so it's time for...

The 13-Weeks Dance!

From looking online at u/s pictures from babies at 13 weeks and reading on the internet about what other people say, I am about 75% sure what the sex of our baby is! I'm not going to be doing anything drastic like telling family, but I am pretty sure. Maybe even 85%.

I am so excited -- can't wait to see if I'm right at the 20 week ultrasound! Tim is refusing to get excited because he wants to know for 100% sure. Men!

I didn't post this in my original post, but this is the sex that the lady at the NT Scan had "guessed", and then she said all that other stuff about not being really sure, and for us to just wait. Anyway, I think she might have been right!

Before I head off to work, I wanted to update on our BUN (First Screen/NT Scan) results. The nurse said the baby only has a 1 in 10,000 chance of having either Down's or any chromosomal abnormalities! She said that is extremely low, to the point of almost being negligible. I am so relieved! Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes -- they worked!

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