Sandy's Surprise -- He's Snippy; I'm Hormonal!

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I am so annoyed right now. Partly because I have really bad acidity, and am exhausted, but partly because of my husband. He has a really stressful job, and it makes him grumpy. Almost all the time. It's really irritating, because it seems like almost everyday he acts like a jerk (in small ways) and then tries to apologize to me.

Like yesterday, I made him dinner because he had donated blood and was feeling out of energy. I guess I put too much water in his dish, so he had to microwave it for a little bit longer. So he gets all grumpy and acts like I did something wrong. Umm, excuse me? I was doing you a favor! I said that, and he apologized.

So today he did something else similar and tried to apologize and I told him I'm tired of him apologizing to me everyday after he acts like that, so he said, "Fine." And he left to go play games on his computer.

I can totally sympathize with him on the job thing, I know what he does is hard and blah de blah. But that does not mean it's okay for him to be a jerk when he wants.

I'm hormonal, but I try REALLY hard not to be a jerk to him. I think he needs to extend me the same courtesy. Usually we would be talking about it, but I am just not in the mood right now. Let him stew and work it out himself. I'm going to bed. Hmph!


Yesterday I was super, super tired, so I took a mid-day nap (haven't done that since very early pregnancy!). When I woke up, Tim had a surprise for me -- he had installed recess lighting on our porch area!

I had wanted recess lighting on our porch since we first moved in last May so he educated himself about how to install it (he's really good with home projects), and then did it all while I was asleep. It looks good! He's so cute, he said, "I want you to have a nice porch area to sit and relax in!" I am so excited!

We never really talked about him being stressed out and therefore snippy, etc. I told him I was tired of him acting like that, and he said he didn't think he was being like that, and so I let it alone.

I just didn't want to get into it all again. If it happens again, I am going to call him on it and tell him that's what I'm talking about. I also evaluated myself, and I have been more sensitive lately so I'm sure that's contributing to it, too.

I think maybe we both just need some time off to do something fun together. June can't get here fast enough -- I can't wait for our vacation to South Carolina! There are so many things I want to do there, but we're only going for about 10 days so it'll be a challenge to fit it all in. Our vacations there never seem long enough. Tim doesn't want to use up more of his leave because he plans on taking 3 weeks off to help me after the baby is born.

Tomorrow I have my 13 week, 5 day doctor's appointment! I plan to ask them how to go about setting my 20 week appointment. We can't book our tickets till we have a solid date for that. Only about 6 more weeks and we'll (hopefully) know whether to buy pink or blue!