Sandy's Surprise -- Mentioning Mouthwash

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Today I had my 13-week doctor's appointment. It went really well! They were able to find baby's heartbeat with a doppler, and it measured at 155 BPM. Lower than what it usually measures, but definitely nothing to worry about.

I've gained exactly 7 pounds so far, and the doctor said I'm looking great! That's always nice to hear, eh? Next week I get to schedule my 18-week appointment, and then in early May, I get to schedule my 20-week ultrasound! I am so excited!

She said to call a month in advance because they get booked up so fast! I turn 20 weeks on June 6th, so my appointment will hopefully be scheduled for around there.

Once I know the exact date, we can book our tickets to go to South Carolina! I cannot wait! It's going to be absolute bliss!

Mouthwash... I just recently read an article where a woman in her second trimester takes a trip on a plane. She said she was so confident she was past her "throwing up stage," but being on the plane reversed all that! She ended up having to brush her teeth several times between the beginning and end of her journey.

I will definitely remember the mouthwash tip! What grosses me out is the thought of eating airplane food! I think I'll just bring my own!

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