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Friendly Warning: If you're a fan of Ina May, you're not going to like the post up ahead.

I read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth last night, and I must say, it terrified the crap out of me. Not because it's about natural childbirth -- that part I like. What was scary was how she had scary stories about hospital births in there. I want an unmedicated hospital birth, so that didn't go over so well with me.

At the beginning she says women in the US are fed horror stories about birth, and the only way to counter that fear is by telling them positive stories. That was apparently the intent of publishing the birth stories at the beginning of the book.

I think Ina May forgot that she might have readers who want to give birth in a hospital! Out of the many birth stories I read, not one of them said anything nice about a hospital birth. That annoyed me. If she's trying to take away the fear, she really did a bad job.

I think she was most likely trying to bully people into wanting to go with a midwife such as herself. That book lost all credibility for me after that.

I am sure she has some great things to say later on, but I was too miffed to read past the birth stories. I'm going to have to search for a book that talks about unmedicated births in any setting, including the hospital.

A friend highly recommended watching "House of Babies" if you get discovery health. It's a birthing center, with midwives and much more natural birth friendly than a Baby Story. Discovery Health has a ton of birthing stories that are more centered around the natural birth.

Tim and I talked about this yesterday. I told him how hospital staff will most likely push epidurals etc. on me. He got so mad at the thought of someone trying to take advantage of me in labor and assured me that he will be my watchdog.

I told him he might be terrified of seeing me in so much pain, and might agree with them, but he said as long as we talk about it at length before hand and he knows for 100% that this is what I want, he won't freak out.

He's a great person to have around in an emergency, very calm and level-headed, so I am sure he'll be great with the whole labor thing. I'm also going to teach him how to deliver a baby (something I had to learn in EMT school) just in case. He's not too excited about that part.

Last night, he asked me what my ideal birth would be. I told him without trepidation, I would LOVE a home waterbirth. Even before we got pregnant, I had read about it here on, researched them and decided that would be my ideal birthing situation.

So he said, "Then we'll make it happen." I said no way, it would cost us nothing to give birth in a hospital and $2000 to give birth at home! But he said we have money put away, we'll continue to do that so we have a birth fund.

So now we're looking for a midwife! My insurance will cover the birth if it's a Certified Nurse Midwife, but of course, none of those in my area do homebirths -- they all work for hospitals.

I've heard of some people getting Certified Professional Midwives approved, so I have to call and see what the chances are that they'll do that. But I am pretty sure we'll be paying for this ourselves.

I am so happy! I have always wanted a birth where I could have my baby, wrap him/her up and lay in my own bed. Now I just have to hope and pray that no complications arise and I can give birth under the direction of a midwife!

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