Sandy's Surprise -- I Felt the Baby Move

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I felt the baby move today! Actually, I first felt what I thought could be little movements a couple of days ago. They were in my lower abdomen, where the doctor checks for the heartbeat.

I had read and heard so much about gas movements being mistaken for baby movements that I didn't want to get too excited. I couldn't help but think though, that they felt VERY different from gas movements I usually have!

I noticed that it usually happened when I was sitting down or laying down with my knees bent up.


Well, today it happened again, and it was unmistakable this time! And it's happening a bit more than it was a few days ago.It happened twice today, once when I was sitting with my knees squishing my belly, and once when my cat Lacy stood on my uterus (poor baby!). I am so excited! It felt like a light poke a few centimeters above my pubic bone.

Tim and I had such a great day today! For once, the weather was actually warm (at the end of April?! Who would've thought!), so we went to this big state park that's about 20 minutes away from our house.

It was hot, but we found this cozy little spot by a little lake, laid out a blanket and had a picnic. We also took some pictures for his parents, and just for posterity's sake. It was the perfect, relaxing way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Then we came home and took a long nap together! All our fur babies were laying with us, and it was just blissful!

I woke up with acid reflux though! That was the only ding in my day. After that, I was bent over, typing on the computer when I felt the baby move again! It was so cute, just a little poke like last time. As if it were saying, "Hey mom! Don't squish me!"

After that we made dinner together and watched Nine Months. I had heard so much about this movie, and neither of us had ever watched it, so we rented it from Netflix. It was okay... I usually like Julianne Moore and Hugh Grant, but this one lacked something.

However, it was good for some light-hearted entertainment for the most part. But of course, Tim got bored out of his mind and spent the latter half of the night video taping our pets! So all in all, it was an awesome day! I really love summer.

I'm a little worried about the baby being born in October. That means no leaving the house for the next 5 months! I don't know how I'm going to do with that.

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